Work Profiler offers you the chance to study for one year in the USA.

As a student, you are leaving your familiar environment to embark on one of the most exciting experiences of your life.

You will get to know a different culture, make new friends, become fluent in a new language, overcome a number of challenges, and—we hope—have a lot of fun along the way.

Details about the program:

At the end of the program, you will have not only learned a lot about life in the United States but also about yourself. You will return home with more confidence in your abilities.

This high school exchange is a transformative experience for everybody involved, a chance to build meaningful connections that often last well beyond the duration of the program. We are committed to supporting all of you—our students, host families, and schools—as best we can so that your experiences with the program are successful and meaningful.

Program conditions

  1. Students must be born between the dates of July 15, 2002 and July 15, 2005. Students must be 15 by program start date, and the number of 18-year olds will be limited.
  2. Students must have no failed classes.
  3. Full vaccinations and proof of required vaccinations via our Doctor’s Assessment Form.

    Student selection

    Before students are accepted into the program, they must demonstrate strong academic potential through both course transcripts and school references.

    Academic requirements

    Students are expected to comply with the general school curriculum and schedule when choosing courses. Each student works closely with a school guidance counselor to determine which class level to enter and which courses to select. Wherever possible, we require students to enroll in a standard curriculum, including English literature, U.S. history or government, mathematics, and science.

    Medical insurance

    Students are provided with medical insurance as part of the program.

    School fees

    The vast majority of students attend public schools, which are free of charge. However, some students attend private schools. In these cases, the sponsor secures written consent from the natural parents and ensures that they have agreed to cover tuition fees.

    Program rules:

    Your Summer ID


    1. Students must obey host family rules and follow along with host family expectations.
    2. Students are responsible for attending school and achieving a C or better grade in every class. Students must follow all academic and behavioral requirements.
    3. Students are subject to the authority and laws of their host country and must obey all federal, state and local laws and regulations.
    4. The use or possession of non-prescription drugs or controlled substances is illegal.
    5. Students may not drive motor vehicles while on program.
    6. For safety and security reasons, the sponsor needs to know the whereabouts of students at all times.
    7. Students may not visit their home country during the program.
    8. Students may not travel independently. To travel, a student must be accompanied by a responsible adult (25 years or older) that is approved by the sponsor.
    9. This program follows the U.S. academic calendar. Students are expected to leave their host communities and return to their home countries no more than two weeks after the program end date, which is the last day of school.
    10. Prior to arrival in the U.S., they receive an extensive pre-departure orientation facilitated by our partner organizations overseas.


    Host families

    The primary goal is for the student and the family to have a wonderful cultural experience, not a fee-based business transaction. Department of State Regulations prohibit paying host families. Instead, host families are volunteers and are regarded as participating in public diplomacy.

    Host families all have different and valuable perspectives to offer.

    Students are expected to abide by their host family’s rules and adapt to family customs and routines.