Laundry in Binghamton, New York

New England

They are looking for young people with positive attitudes and an ability to learn a work-flow process in a team oriented environment. Successful employees will politely interact with other team members and customers at the front counter as needed.

Job: laundry attendant
Dates: June 20th – August 20 th. Last day to accept staff is June 27th.
Hourly Wage: $8.75/ hour
Overtime Wage: $13.13/ hour
Students are expected to work a full 40 hours work week.
Accommodation: Provided. $75/ week
Nearest Social Security Office: 2 Court Street, Binghamton NY, 13901

Binghamton is a city in the county seat of Broome County, New York, United States. Every year the city is host to a great ballon rally named Spiedie Fest and Balloon Rally.
Also, a great variety of sports and sporting events are available for the public, and if you would enjoy more an artisctic event or a gallery, you will most definitely have more to choose from.