Internship in Winter Park, Colorado

Rocky Mountains, U.S. Resorts

This is your chance for the internship program we have to offer. Spend a few months in the beautiful area of Winter Park, Colorado and gain some experience in the client service industry and in the management field.

Details about the internship:
Location: Winter Park, CO
Type of Host Company: Non-Profit Resort & Conference Center
Program Area:
3 Guest Services Management
1 Guest Services – Conferences
3 Food & Beverage Management
2 in Human Resources
Start Date: April 8th 2015
End Date: 12 months
Pay: $180 per week (free housing & 3 meals per day). HR trainees = $210 per week.
Required Qualifications: Excellent English. Trainees preferred.
Housing Info: Free housing and 3 meals per day.

Winter Park is home to the well known Winter Prak Resort. The area also has abundant cross-country skiing opportunities, including Devil’s Thumb Ranch. In the spring and summer, Winter Park is known for mountain biking, concerts, hiking and fishing.

Get away from the crowds and the traffic and explore the gem that is Winter Park – no matter what the season.
The small town atmosphere combined with world class skiing make it a great place to kick back, relax, and enjoy the year-round recreation, shopping, lodging and dining opportunities.