Resort in Lake Placid, NY

Lake Placid is a village in the Adirondack Mountains in Essex County, New York, United States.

Jobs: busser, server, dishwasher, housekeeper
Dates: June 1st to September 30th. Last date to accept staff: June 20th
Hours: 32-35 hours/ week
Pay: busser – $6/hour + tips, server – $5/hour + tips, dishwasher – $ 9.00/ hour, housekeeper – $8.59/ hour
Accommodation: provided – $75/ week
Nearest Social Security office: 14 Durkee Street, Plattsburgh, NY; around 1h 30 min. away from Lake Placid (50 miles).
Employer Comments: Participants must have good English skills

No matter what season you visit Lake Placid you will always find more things to do than your vacation time allows. During your stay with us, your options for things to do range from sports and recreation to museums and the historical sites of upstate New York.

Here, you can awaken to a dawn where the rose sky is mirrored from your personal waterfront deck on Mirror Lake, or look down from stories above the lake with your private balcony taking in both Nature’s beauty and Lake Placid’s historic Main Street. You chose how best to have fun finding yourself in nature while creating cherished life memories.